Art Psychotherapy  

Assessment and treatment of families, children and adolescents with emotional, social and mental health difficulties. Mandi works with parents to provide a space and opportunity to think about what is happening for their child. She then provides helpful strategies to utilise going forward.


Teacher Training

Pre-Schooler Art : Unlock what they are trying to communicate.

A 2 hour workshop for Early Childhood Educators and Pre-school teachers. This courses main objective is to help early childhood educators understand how a child’s art making is an important form of communication. As pre-school aged children do not have fully developed verbal skills, art making provides a window into a child’s representational and expressive worlds. The course provides teacher’s with up to date observational research of young children’s art making and concepts of developmental psychology. Teachers participate in activities whereby they experience how art making can be used to explore one’s thoughts and feelings.  Teachers have time to reflect on how to incorporate the suggestions and knowledge from the workshop into their work setting.